Thursday, 18 April 2013


I've finally found the time to sort through some(!) of the images that I've taken while I've been out and about over the last couple of weeks.

When looking at the images it suddenly occurred to me that Yellow featured prominently in a lot of them..... Ah Ha! I thought, an excellent theme for a post!

Primroses (primula vulgaris) are usually one of the first to put on an early springtime show.

Gorse (ulex europaeus) can flower any time throughout the year but it's main flowering time is between February and May. 

Quite a few Yellowhammers were in evidence, some proclaiming 'a little bit of bread and no cheese' from their lofty perches!

 Colt's-foot (tussilago farfara) was showing well in a number of places, preferring damp and heavy soil.

Lesser Celandine (ranunculus ficaria) showing that the weather can't be all that bad as the flowers only open when the sun shines!! 

One of the earliest butterflies to take to the wing is the Brimstone, the male emerging from hibernation from about mid March (if the weather is suitable!), about two weeks before the female. This female settled for just long enough to allow me to take a snap. 

 One or two Cowslips (primula veris) are just beginning to come into flower. When I was a kid (yes, I can remember that far back!) my father always referred to these as Cow Peggles, a much better name when you realise that the name 'cowslip' comes from the fact that in times gone by this plant thrived in cattle meadows in amongst the cow pats!!

 By far the highlight of my recent outings was seeing (at a distance!) three Yellow Wagtails together with a Blue-headed Wagtail, a rare but not uncommon visitor at this time of year. Resigning myself to the fact that they were too far away for any decent photographs I decided to sit on a nearby bench and have a well earned(!) rest.  Not two minutes had passed when this stunning male Yellow Wagtail plonked itself on the grass no more than twenty feet in front of me, where it stayed chasing around after insects for the next three or four minutes. It was eventually frightened off by an approaching dog walker, but not before I'd managed to get a few (okay, lots!) photographs. Sadly it's Blue-headed  companion stayed elusive.



Roy Norris said...

These are classic "Trevor Morgan" images, absolutely beautiful. I am having a problem deciding which one I like bast Trevor.

The Herald said...

Thanks Roy...[;o)

ADRIAN said...

It will be a long time before these are bettered. A Perfectly themed set.

The Herald said...

Kind comments Adrian, thank you...[;o)

Ruby said...

Lovely theme Trevor. I enjoyed the flowers and the birds, beautiful shots.

ShySongbird said...

Beautiful, beautiful images Trevor! I spotted these just after you posted them and promptly went off to work my way through a string of 'How to take better photos of flowers' tutorials....still none the wiser...maybe I should just give up and leave it to you experts!

Anyway, this post has the theme of probably my favourite colour and it definitely has my favourite wildflower, the wild Primrose :-) Cowslips already! I haven't even seen Coltsfoot here yet. Love the Yellow Wags too....well I love all the photos. A great post Trevor!

grammie g said...

HI Trevor....I am glad you found time to post, and the theme is awesome!! Love,love,it!!
Absolutely stunning photo's!!
The first one with the depth of field, or whatever the heck they call it ; )makes is my favorite!!
I am wild flower obsessed (don't let that be known lol), so I cover that with the next best Birds!!
I love the Colts-foot, we also have that here, and a butterfly to add to the lovely Celandin.. well I also forgot that I was obsessed with butterflies too haha!!
Love the yellow birdies too!!
Okay enough ; )
PS I probably shouldn't say this hee_hee, but I am going to!! When I was in high school, just a few years back : )...If you wore yellow on a Thursday it meant you was queer, fag etc, this is
Thursday : )!!

holdingmoments said...

Cracking set Trevor.
Love them all; but a bit envious of the Yellow Wags sightings.


Lovely early summer photos Trevor, i dont think i have seen a Yellow Wagtail and the last time i looked at a Yellow Hammer was many years past. Great photos and thanks for showing them.


The Herald said...

Thank you Ruby...[;o)

Thanks Jan, Low down, up close and personal is the way to amongst the brambles, the sharp jagged stones, the stinging nettles and the other unmentionable things you find in the wet and muddy places that wild flowers tend to thrive!! It does the knees a power of good, the only problem is getting back up again!! The Colt's-foot seems to be doing very well around here this year.
The Yellow Wags were a real bonus...[;o)

Andrew said...

A wonderful series of "yellow" Trevor.

The Herald said...

Hi Grace...Thanks for the kind comments.
Birds, Butterflies and wild flowers, what else is there? Oh!..I forgot the bugs and the fungi. Oh!..what about the dragonflies and the damselflies? And then there's the wild animals...trees...clouds...Oh sod it, I'll just photograph it all!!

OOOOh! you've done it! I'll not be able to wear my Yellow cap, turtle neck sweater and those tight slags in public anymore, people might start talking!!!...[;o)

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith. I felt really privileged when that Yellow Wag dropped down right in front of me!...[;o)

Thanks Peter. Keep looking, they're out there!...[;o)

The Herald said...

Thanks Andrew...[;o)

Bob Bushell said...

Alive and kicking, love your post Trevor, brilliant images.

ShySongbird said...

It's no good Trevor, I just can't resist it! Regarding your reply to sounds like you've been fraternising with drunken women of ill repute!!! ;-) I don't suppose you are using an iPad with predictive text are you? I have had some hilarious incidents with mine...

The Herald said...

Thank you Bob. yeh, still here!

Jan, Well there's a thing! If only it were tr....anyway I er!..yes!
Nothing more exciting than a failed connection between my brain, my fat podgy fingers and the keyboard I'm afraid!!

Well spotted...It should have been 'slacks' I blame Grace for getting me into a bit of a panic!...[;o)

grammie g said...

That's it just blame poor defenseless Grace ; )!!
I was wondering what slags where hahaha!!
Thought I was getting behind with the fashion world!!
Remember no yellow on Thursday ; )

Sharon Whitley said...

love your yellow theme - beautiful florals especially the primroses and of course just love the yellowhammers and wagtails!

The Herald said...

Sorry Grace I've got to blame someone!

Will pink be okay instead?...[;o)

Thanks Sharon...[;o)

Linda said...

A wonderful series of photos!

The Herald said...

Thanks Linda...[;o)