Wednesday, 27 April 2016



Reed Bunting


This is where it all the front bedroom of a small two up two down terraced cottage located in a small South Cambridgeshire village close to the Hertfordshire border...

Red Kite

....65 years ago on the 27th. April 1951 a small bundle of joy was brought into the world.

 (I'm glad that I soon grew out of the dress wearing phase!)

 Celebrating Corn Bunting and Reed Bunting.

The blonde hair didn't last long either, although during the last decade it does (what's left of it) appear to have once again reverted towards a lighter shade...of grey! 

Red Kite

65 years is a good amount of time to perfect your own style and persona to present to the world.... do you think I've done?


Corn Bunting

Now I find that some days trying to keep up the standard is just sooo tiring!....


Thursday, 14 April 2016


There is one location, not too far from home, where I regularly like to walk, Why? reminds me of my was a long time ago but some things I can still remember! 

I grew up in the Cambridgeshire countryside and a memory that is always with me is going out into the fields on a bright and sunny day..(Hmm?..that's another memory) to watch and listen as the many (I seem to remember there were lots more then!) Skylarks (Alauda arvensis)  took to the wing and slowly rose higher and higher into the sky while singing that unforgettable melodious song before dropping back down to earth like a stone before, seemingly at the last minute, opening their wings to make a safe landing.

The area where I visit now doesn't seem to hold as many but it's still a pleasure to stop for a while to watch and remember!

And to take a few photographs, of course....

I'm still working on the flight shots....these are as good as it gets at the moment!



 Exultation..I'm sure you the collective name for a group of Skylarks.