Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Geometry...nature's way

Rhombus....an oblique-angled equilateral parrallelogram having four equal sides >

Rhombic....having the form of a Rhombus >

Rhombic Leatherbug (Syromastus rhombeus)   9-11mm body lenght.  Local to coastal regions in southern England and also a few scattered inland sites.

Nature's geometry...

A few days ago, while out walking in one of my local nature reserves, I came across a large patch of (I think?) Common Chickweed (Stelllaria media), on closer inspection I found that it was covered in lots of these stunning Leatherbugs..a cue for a photo session!

What it's all about...

 What do you call this shape then?

 Who you looking at?

Way more interesting than the geometry lessons I had at school!