Thursday, 27 September 2012


Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed that quite a few juvenile Blackbirds have been visiting my garden, some to feed on the dropped seed from the feeders others taking the bread and apple that I've put out on the lawn. One thing that makes them stand out is that they are all in the process of moulting out their baby feathers and into a new set of juvenile feathers. Another noticeable thing is that they don't seem to be as 'sharp' as Blackbirds normally appear, quite lethargic in fact, and they spend a great deal of time skulking, or hiding away, under the foliage around the garden. 
One even sat for most of a morning, hunched up in the water, in a small bird bath that I've placed under some Azalea bushes. It looked so forlorn that I was on the point of going to 'rescue' it when it decided that it was time to come out onto the lawn for some more food!
It's an energy sapping and vulnerable time for them at the moment but in a couple more weeks I guess they'll be as smart and sharp as Blackbird's should be, once they get...NEW COATS ALL ROUND.

I spent a couple of mornings taking photographs of them through the double glazing and the wet and dismal light so not the best images of Blackbirds you'll ever see! are some of the better ones!! 

Have you seen my new tail feathers anywhere?

This one seemed to be feeding okay, even with the crossed bill.