Monday, 25 March 2013


....I got my camera back today!    (it was on Friday actually but it didn't scan as well!)

So, needing to test that it was working okay, I had two options...option 1.   to go out into the arctic conditions that seem to be passing as Springtime at the moment or option 2.  stay indoors in the warm and take pictures through the window of the birds visiting the garden.

Which option to choose was a no brainer really... so it was on with the thermals and the woolly hat and....ooops!!.. sorry,  I got carried away there, what I meant to say was ...on with the kettle, crank up the central heating, make the tea and then sit back and enjoy  the birds as they came down to feed in the garden!

After heavy snow on Friday evening/Saturday morning it snowed lightly, but continuously, for most of the weekend and the light was dull and grey meaning that high ISO's were required so not great images but at least I know that the camera is working okay once again.



This young Woodpigeon  was clearly on a steep learning curve as only a couple of days earlier it had crashed, not once but twice into my patio doors, thankfully with no apparent ill effects, and here it's sitting atop the bird table wondering what on earth all this white stuff is!


female House Sparrow

Collared Dove

There are two Robins visiting the garden at the moment. I assume that they're a bonded pair as they tolerate each other and are feeding close together. A few days ago I saw, briefly, one of them clearly displaying to the other.

This female Blackbird, who I think is building a nest in a tall shrub at the end of the garden and 'sees off' any other Blackbird that comes into range, struck this weird rigid, contorted stance and held it for quite a few seconds. I don't know for what reason, maybe a threat or display?

I can't wait for the next couple of months to pass when we can move into Spring and experience some decent light during those warm sunny  days with the wild flowers starting to show their beautiful colours and the butterflies taking to the wing  and the build up to a long hot Summer....aahhh!....Oh!.. bugger!.... I forgot,  it IS Spring already!!

Take care and stay warm!


grammie g said...

HI Trevor.."Yeah" camera back in hand, and it looks like everything is working just fine, the photos are "very nice"!!!
The colors in the Goldfinch are crisp and clear!
Now for the Blackbird I think it is doing a demonstration on how you look when you get up in the morning!!
A few creaks,cracks,and crooks to work out !!

Blue skies here, I don't know whats going on. The Mid-Western states here are having a big snow storm that is going out to sea and will miss Maine Yeah!!
Hope we all get some decent weather soon, until then keep the kettle on and the hear cranked up!! : )


grammie g said...

PS I love your cheery header!! : )

Gary Jones said...

Some great shots Trevor, did very much the same thing as you!!!

ADRIAN said...

A grand new header to welcome in the refurbished camera.

The high key.....That's posh for blown out.....backgrounds are very effective.

You are forgetting your engineering background. Turning all arty farty on us.

The Herald said...

Hi Grace...Thank you, The camera seems to be okay now, and it looks like a new one...all cleaned and shinny!

I think if I tried any moves like that Blackbird I'd be stuck in that position forever!

I'm fed up with this weather now, I need to feel some sun on my back.

The header was taken a couple of weeks ago...when we had one sunny spring day!!...[;o)

Thanks Gary, I hope this is the end of Winter now!...[;o)

Thanks Adrian, the header was taken with my Canon G10 a rare sunny day a couple of weeks ago.

They say that all good artists have a style that's all their own. So, as it comes easily, I think I'll adopt the blown out skies and backgrounds as my trademark to notoriety!...[;o)

ADRIAN said...

I wasn't been rude.....I really like them. They remind me of the coloured illustrations in old bird books.


Great set of photos of your garden birds Trevor and a realy spring time header too.


holdingmoments said...

Good to see the camera is back up and running.
Great shots as always; especially the Blackbird. No idea what that pose is all about.
Snowed in here.

Roy Norris said...

An extremely wise choice Mr Morgan, staying in that is. Wish I had made it now.
Lots of beautiful images Trevor, that first Woodie is a stunner.
Thanks for posting your cheerful and colourful new header. That was the Spring that was.

Findlay Wilde said...

I had to play football in the freezing conditions this weekend, but I also went down to my feeding station hunting for woodpeckers. The female house sparrow is my favourite on this blog but they are all really good. From Findlay

The Herald said...

No problem Adrian I'm glad you liked them...[;o)

Thanks Peter. I thought we'd have a bit of colour to brighten things up!...[;o)

Thanks Keith, Yeh all back to normal!
That Blackbird was acting a bit strange, perhaps it saw me looking at!
Hope you're keeping warm?...[;o)

Thanks Roy. Yeh, I always go for the warm option!
I thought the header might brighten things up a bit!...[;o)

Thanks Findlay, Hope you didn't get too cold playing football?...[;o)

Carole M. said...

weather is contrary this year, can't make up its mind at all. Here on east coast Australia, temps have been in low 30 degree celcius over several days's officially Autumn! I especially enjoyed your first and final photos, the starling and the robins on the crisp white background look fabulous

douglas mcfarlane said...

I've seen that posture on a birds before (the blackbird), was a cat or sparrowhawk nearby? Though it could just as well be another Blackbird.
Great images so it looks like the camera is ok.

Bob Bushell said...

Well Trevor, they made a great repair of your camera. There were plenty of birds in your garden to shoot.

The Herald said...

Thank you Carole. How about we do a swap?..a little of your heat for some of our cold..that should even things out a bit![;o)

Thanks Douglas. Yeh, the camera is okay now!
The Blackbirds are definitely nest building at the end of the garden and she has been 'seeing off' two other females that have been coming in for food during the cold weather so I assume that's what the pose was all about!...[;o)

Yeh all things back to 'normal' now Bob!...[;o)

Sharon Whitley said...

Great photos! Love the starling! It's mad all this snow isn't it - don't think I've seen anything like this in North Wales and more due for next weekend bbbbrrrrr - thanks for your lovely comments on my blog x

The Herald said...

Thanks Sharon. Yeh, I'm getting fed up with all this cold weather I need to feel some warm Spring sunshine on my back!...[;o)

ShySongbird said...

You were in poetic mood to start with Trevor with hooray, today and okay ;-) A lovely set of photos, so glad your camera is back where it belongs and obviously working beautifully. My favourite is the colourful little Goldfinch, such exotic looking birds I think and they always brighten the garden not only with their colours but also their cheery chatter.

It looks like you must have laid flat to take the lovely header photo!....The problem with that is getting up again ;-)

The Herald said...

Thank you Jan. Yeh, there's no end to my

I'm lucky to have a regular flock of about fifteen Goldfinch that come to the garden feeders on most days, and you're right, it's amazing to listen to the chatter before they leave the safety of next doors high tree and drop down into the garden.

Knees and elbows was the lowest I dare go Jan, even then it's doubtful if I'll make it back up[;o)

Andrew said...

I'm so pleased to hear you have the camera back in hand Trevor... Wonderful images through the window it's much the same up here.

The Herald said...

Thanks Andrew. Yeh, the camera's working fine now, just like a new one!...[;o)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"Three Counties Herald" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

The Herald said...

Thanks for taking my blog along on your Sunday drive Jerry...[;o)