Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I went out yesterday to a local lake to see if I could find the Shag that has been reported seen there over the last few days.
I spent some time scanning back and forth across the lake with my scope without any success until I heard someone calling from behind me, when I turned around a couple of fellow birders were pointing to a lone bird proudly sitting on a jetty not more than a hundred yards in the opposite direction to which I had been looking!(it wasn't there earlier..'onest!)..... a classic case of 'it's behind you'!

I spent the next 45 minutes or so watching and photographing a largely dozing and motionless bird. It did, from time to time, stir enough to provide a few different photo opportunities....
....in the vernacular of the (much) younger generation it 'pulled a few shapes'. (I think?)



 Contemplating..(I bet you can't guess what happened next?)

Amused...(laughing at the silly bu...r who's been standing in the cold wind taking (rubbish) photographs for the best part of the last hour!)

Despite the cold wind it was good to get out and see it, and to notch up a new 'life tick' into the bargain.  

*Just in case you were wondering about the rings on it's legs?...according to them that know, it was rung on the Farne Islands last summer.


Wednesday, 6 January 2016


A small selection from some of the 'other' subjects that I pointed my camera at during my wanderings last year.


 Norfolk Beach.

 Castlerig Stone Circle   Cumbria.

 Black Tern?

 Full Moon.

The much talked about and photographed Solar Eclipse on March 20th.

The jetty at Ashness Bridge  Derwentwater  Cumbria.

Out enjoying the countryside...where better place to be?