Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Spring Bouquet

After a long dark, and wet, winter it’s good to see some colour starting to reappear into our countryside as the spring flowers, once again, begin to bloom.

I photographed the following images, in various locations, while out and about  from the beginning of the month.

Spring 1 Bluebell
An early flowering Bluebell

Spring 2 C Dog-violet
Common Dog-violet

Spring 3 E Dog-violet
Early Dog-violet (with attendant Bee-Fly)

Spring 5  H Violet
Hairy Violet

Spring 6  Wall Speed
Wall Speedwell

Spring 7  Com Speed
Common Speedwell

Spring 8  Frit

Spring 9  Wht Frit
Fritillary (white)

Spring 10  G Alk
Green Alkanet

Spring 11  Red Cam
Red Campion

Spring 12  Sh Crane's-bill
Shinning Crane’s-bill

Spring 13  Com Stork's-bill
Common Stork’s-bill

Spring 14  Gr Stitchl
Greater Stitchwort

Spring 15  Mar-marig

Spring 16  Cuck Fl
Cuckooflower or Lady’s-smock

Spring 17  Wood f-m-n
Wood Forget-me-not

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a warm (not too hot!) and colourful summer?