Saturday, 27 April 2013


Yes, it's my birthday today and I thought that I should mark the occasion with a joyful and upbeat post...well! the thought was as good as it got.  I think I can safely say that I've reached a stage (note I didn't say age!) where the words joyful and upbeat are now routinely replaced with 'grumpy old man' and 'spritely for his age'!

Perhaps a few pictures will help to explain it a little better....

There's grumpy old man reminders everywhere..

..and the tell tale signs, as things start to look blurred and fuzzy, that my eyesight is not what it once was..


..and people, who think they're being kind, put up handrails "it's just to help you walk safely" along your favourite pathway...

..even the birds, who once posed nicely for me, just laugh at my feeble attempts to photograph them...

Willow Warbler


Grey Heron

..or hide their faces, and make out they haven't seen me, in the hope that I'll just pass on by..


.. or just blatantly give me the 'bum's rush'!

Greylag Goose

So, that's it...Just take note for the next time when you're out and about and you have the misfortune to come across an old duffer who's engulfed in a fart induced haze and soaked in kind to just might be ME!!             

Err... I seem to have forgotten what this post was going to be about! ...anyway, have a good weekend, I know I will...Now, there was something special happening, what was it again?.....