Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Paxton Pits Awayday


I met Keith at his house at 5am. and we set off on our quest to Paxton Pits primarily in search of Nightingales. The sun was rising on what we hoped would be a rewarding day and we weren’t disappointed. On arriving in the car park at just gone 5.30 almost the first birdsong we heard was a Nightingale.........But in order to save wear and tear on my typing finger (lazy or what?) and as Keith has already posted the day’s events on his excellent blog I’ll let you read all about it there!

Here are some of my photographs from a wonderful day’s birding.

 The purpose of our quest, lots singing but not easy to see, this is the best I could do !

....other birds 'on show' 


Willow Warbler

Garden Warbler


Graylag Geese

In the warm sunny weather Dragonflies and Damselflies were out in force.

Male and Female Banded Demoiselles

Red-eyed Damselfly (male)

Southern Damselfly (female) (I think !)

And the best dragon of the day.....
Scarce Chaser (immature male)

And for me the highlight of the day. and something I have not seen before, Cuckoos, up to three noisily chasing each other around the sky in what we assumed to be territorial disputes.

 All in all a most enjoyable day.


grammie g said...

Hi Trevor...your photos are great. The Damsel and Dragons are super!!
Yes I did see Keiths post, how nice you where able to get together and do this day trek....sometimes it is nice to have someone with you to share the excitment ...good you had the "Old Bugger" along haha...he may kill me for that one, but I am on this side of the pond lol

Roy said...

Very well done on getting the Cuckoos Trevor, that really does take some doing.

holdingmoments said...

Great shots Trevor, and it really was an excellent day. Well worth the early start.
Your Cuckoo shots are excellent. So much better than the ones I managed.

The Herald said...

Thanks Grammie. Yeh, we had a great day. The “old........er Keith certainly knows his birds. lol.

Cheers Roy. More luck than skill with the Cuckoos I’m afraid.

Hi Keith. Yeh, a wonderful day at a great reserve.
I’m really pleased with the Cuckoo shots (although there was a great deal of luck involved) as I’d never seen that territorial behaviour before.