Wednesday, 4 May 2011

1st. Damsels


My first ever visit to Sandhouse Lane N.R. on a bright sunny morning (after an early light frost) with broken white cloud and a rather cool breeze. Max 17*C.

Sandhouse Lane is a disused sand quarry and offers two small ponds and areas of scrub, woodland, meadow and a heathland area that has formed on top of waste material from a former asphalt plant. This heathland is mostly covered in lichens and mosses and produces various orchids in late spring.

Once I had settled into a sunny sheltered spot next to one of the ponds it was just a matter of wait and see what flies by, or more to the point settles by. And I didn't have to wait long to encounter my first Damselflies of the year.

Azure (female)
Azure (male)
Common Blue (teneral male)

Common Blue (teneral male)
Large Red (female)

Large Red (male)
 I also saw a Variable Damselfly but alas no photograph.

Also spotted were various Butterflies, Moths and Bugs. Photographs of these next time.


holdingmoments said...

Cracking shots Trevor. Great time of year now, with all these damsels around.
Never been to Sandhouse Lane N.R., have to give that one a try sometime.

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith. Yeh,it’s a nice little reserve.
I was taking to a man at Marston Vale yesterday who said he was taking photos of WAXWINGS by the road outside of the entrance on the day that I was there; needless to say I didn’t see them :{
They’ve been there for a few days apparently!