Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Images from a walk. Part two - Butterflies


                                                      BEACON HILL AND SURROUNDS 

As promised here are some Butterfly images taken on my walk around the area between Ivinghoe Beacon and (including) Incombe Hole.

The most numerous butterfly by far was the Small Heath.

Small Heath

Small Heath (coupled pair)

Followed closely by -

Dingy Skipper

Grizzled Skipper
 This was the first time I had seen or photographed a Grizzled Skipper. ("I'll be back" as the saying goes!)
Other butterflies seen and photographed were -

Small Blue (male)

Small Blue (male)

Brown Argus (male)

Common Blue (male)

A rather tatty Speckled Wood

And...... Can you see me?
A well "hidden" female Brimstone
On the way home I decided, on the off chance, to stop off at a location were last year I had photographed a White-legged Damselfly. And it was not long before I spotted two in exactly the same place.  

White-legged Damselfly

And as a bonus perched close by was a Large Skipper.......
 ......a full two to three weeks earlier than last year!
In part three of this series I'll post images of the wild flowers seen during my walk. 


holdingmoments said...

Excellent Trevor.
A great variety of flutters, and the Grizzled Skipper is where I found mine.
A great spot up on that hill.

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith it’s a great place!
I’m a bit frustrated at the moment as I desperately need to get back and take some more photos, but fixing and repairing the garden fence is taking priority at the moment. :-{

Frank said...

An excellent series Trevor. I'm still waiting to get close enough to Dingy and Grizzled!

The Herald said...

Thanks Frank. I went back for more photographs on Wednesday but only managed a quick glimpse of a Grizzled, it was a bit too windy :o{

Roy said...

The Large Skipper was a real bonus Trevor, not seen any yet this year.

The Herald said...

Thanks Roy,yeh the 'Skipper was quite a surprise I only went to check for the White-legged Damselflies!

I've checked my diary and it's 18 days earlier than I first saw them last year.