Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Butts, cats and ladybirds

A selection of images taken on my recent outings over the last week or so.

Taken on 19/4/11 in King's Wood Bedfordshire (Stockgrove C.P.)

Green-veined White on Cuckoo Flower or Lady's Smock
Green-veined White (coupled pair)  

 There were swarms of these small moths flying around in all the sunny spots, they were very difficult to photograph as they didn't stay still for very long.
Micro-moth  adela reaumurella 
They shine bright gold and iredecent blue in the sun.


Taken on 21/4/2011 at Willen Lake, Buckinghamshire. 

These are the Caterpillars of the Small Eggar Moth (eriogaster lanestris)
and they live communally in large silken tents, usually on Blackthorn or Hawthorn bushes and when the sun shines they come out to sunbathe! 


Taken on 22/4/11 at RSPB The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire.

Speckled Wood   

These next two images were taken in my back garden on 25/4/11

I was sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine and a cup of coffee when I saw this Holly Blue plop into the birdbath, I rescued it from the water and placed it on an Azalea bush to dry out. After about 20 mins. it flew away seemingly none the worse for wear.


Taken on 25/4/11 at Marston Vale CP Bedfordshire.

The Green Hairstreak., notice the varying amount of spots that make up 'the streak'

This 'coupled pair' were being harried by up to five of what I can only assume were males trying to get to the female, lucky girl! 

And finally, taken on 19/4/11 in King's Wood Bedfordshire, a couple of 7 Spot Ladybirds doing what 7 Spot ladybirds do, only ......

....... I'm guessing that one of them is not really a lady!!


holdingmoments said...

Cracking selection Trevor.
Never seen a Green Hairstreak before; must get over Marston Vale sometime.
Love the shot of those caterpillars, and those little moths are lovely.

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith. There were lots of Green Hairstreaks at Marston yesterday, apparently tho' they only fly when the sun shines!

Roy said...

A fabulous set of images Trevor. I have only seen one Green Hairstreak ever as yet. You have taken some great shots.

The Herald said...

Thanks Roy. It must of been a good day for Green Hairstreaks as there were lots about.