Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas and New Year outings. Part 1 of 2

                Caldecotte Lakes Milton Keynes, Boxing Day (26/12/10)

The South Lake was almost completely frozen over with only a small area in front of the houses free of ice. The snow was six inches plus deep making for tiring walking. Although the temperature was nudging  - 9*C the mainly sunny conditions made for beautiful views around the lake.

There were a great number of Wildfowl concentrated in the ice free area, all eager to take food from the many people who had kindly brought bread along with them. Not the ideal food, but in these conditions it certainly helps.

Some photographs of the stars of the show, against all the odds they still put on a fantastic display.
Mute Swan
Canada Geese

Black Headed Gull

Greylag Geese with Barnacle Goose

 Pochard (male)

 Tufted Duck (male)
Tufted Duck (female)
 Wigeon (male)


holdingmoments said...

Excellent set of pictures Trevor.
That Swan against the snow is outstanding, really like that one; and the Canada Geese against the snow too.
Tufteds are great too.
They're all great!

The Herald said...

Cheers Keith, It`s good that the snow and ice make it great for us watchers and photographers but a pity that it makes it so difficult for the wildlife.