Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Central Milton Keynes - Waxwings

At long last the sun came out today, so I decided to make the trip to CMK  and try to locate the large flock of Waxwings that have been reported, over the last few days, feeding on the berries around Lloyds Court. I wasn`t disappointed, as soon as I arrived I could see and hear them, about 30+ high in a tree next to the car park and then coming down to eye level to feed on the berries. Unfortunately they were very flighty and didn`t settle for long. Over the next four hours or so the numbers increased to about 200, the flock continually fragmenting and rejoining as they moved around from tree to berries, sun to shade.
A most enjoyable experience!

Two photos, that I`ve had time to process, from the 250+ taken

And maybe, if the sun shines again tomorrow, I`ll be back to take another few!!


holdingmoments said...

These birds have been so good this winter, and you got a couple of excellent shots Trevor.
Look forward to seeing the rest. It's so easy to keep clicking away with these birds lol

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith. They`re very photogenic birds aren`t they? especialy when the sun comes out!
The computer trashcan is working flat out at the moment tho`!!