Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Last Sunday I, along with a group of  other bloggers and friends, had the pleasure of being invited to a surprise get together to celebrate the 11th. birthday of a remarkable young man by the name of Findlay Wilde. Findlay's knowledge and  passion for anything to do with birds and birding is astounding, and a credit,  for someone of so few years.  I'm sure  we're going to hear the name Findlay Wilde more and more as he goes on to achieve great things in the birding world.

Whilst there Findlay took us all on a guided walk around his local patch, including a stretch along the banks of the River Weaver, where we were  treated to good, and prolonged, views of a beautiful Kingfisher ( thanks for arranging that for us Findlay!!) of which many photographs were taken, and prompting Findlay to later come up with the idea that we should all do a post of our best shots.

So here goes!... my best(!!) shots for the inaugural ....Findlay Wilde Birthday Celebration Photographic Competition.

Now, people photography is not my thing so (much to my regret) I didn't take any pictures to record the day, however, a few of the others did and if you haven't seen them already you can view their excellent accounts of the day here.... Findlay, Keith and Andrew

It was great to meet up with fellow, like minded, bloggers and friends of Findlay and his family and a big thank you goes out to Findlay's mum and dad Heather and Nigel (great stew!), and Harley, Findlay's younger brother, who gave us a stunning  recital on his electric guitar, (a mega pop star in the making?) for inviting us into their home and  for putting up with us all for the day!

It was a truly wonderful and enjoyable day and I hope to meet up with you all again soon.


holdingmoments said...

It was a fantastic day Trevor.

Great shots of the Kingfisher. I think I must be the only one who didn't get him with the fish. lol

Carole M. said...

what a delightful day for a remarkable young guy like you say. Your kingfisher photos are wonderful; how wonderful to see that bird and especially to get a photo with his catch too

The Herald said...

Sure was a great day Keith, an amazing young man that Findlay!

One day I'll get a clear and perfectly sharp Kingfisher day!!

ADRIAN said...

Excellent shots Trevor.
At least you caught it with a fish. good to see you all enjoying the day.

The Herald said...

Thank you Carole, as you say a remarkable young man and an inspiration to us all.

The Kingfisher was very confiding and allowed us ample picture taking opportunities...[;o)

The Herald said...

Thanks Adrian, Maybe, one day I'll be lucky enough to get a perfect Kingfisher shot!

It was an excellent day and good in the knowledge that not all of today's youths are sitting at home, red eyed, playing endless shoot 'em up computer games or hoody wearing thugs terrorising our street corners!!...[;o)

Roy Norris said...

Super shots of that most elusive of birds from the camera Trevor. Yes I read Keith's post as well.

ShySongbird said...

These are lovely Trevor. I'm very envious having not even seen a Kingfsher for ages let alone photographed one. What a wonderful extra present for Findlay, it must have known it was a special day :-)

It seems to me that where there are remarkable children there are remarkable parents and that is clearly the case here. Findlay and Harley obviously have parents who channel and encourage their interests. I'm sure both young men have a bright future ahead and that Findlay will be a household name in the Nature world....look out David Attenborough and Chris Packham!

The Herald said...

Thanks Roy, it was a great day all round...[;o)

The Herald said...

Thank you Jan, it was a truly special and inspiring day (I'm sure Findlay arranged for that Kingfisher to turn up!!)

You're spot on with what you're saying Jan the Wilde family is truly remarkable and I'm glad that I got to meet and spend some really enjoyable time with them. And Yeh, look out for that name, Findlay Wilde is sure to be heard a lot more in the future!...[;o)

Bob Bushell said...

Kingfisher day that was a great pictures. Findlay must be excited with all that travelled for his birthday.

grammie g said...

HI Trevor...I have seen Findlay's and Keith post is a great story, one he will not forget!! Such enthusiasm for birding he has!!!!
Happy you mentioned the pop star guitarist in the making, often one child gets overlooked for there talent in the shadow of the other!!
This is fierce competition for best photos of the now famous Kingfisher on the River Weaver! ; ]!!
I think they are all wonderful,but that first one of yours is ..well I am glad I don't have to decide ; }

The Herald said...

Thanks Bob, it was nice to get a Kingfisher that stayed around long enough for a photo call!

I think Findlay was made up with his day...[;o)

Hi Grace...Yeh, both Findlay and Harley are two young men who are destined to go far,I'm sure, and a credit to their parents.

As for the Kingfisher shots? I'm not entirely happy with them...could do better, springs to mind!!...[;o)

douglas mcfarlane said...

It sounds from everything I have read on various blogs it was a great day. It's great to hear about young birders like Findlay gives us all encouragement.
Like the kingfisher images too. The first and last one are my personal favourites.


You and Keith have been great to go all that way and make and enjoy Findlay's BIrthday. Well done all of you.

Great photo of the Kingfisher too, i cant even get close to one.If i did i would cut the tail off whe i took the photo.


Heather Wilde said...

Hi Trevor, we loved having you all here, so much so that we are already planning a summer BBQ and walk. Thank you so much for coming all the way up, I know it meant a lot to Findlay. I am sure Findlay will be in touch, but he is getting spoilt in North Wales by Grandma this week, and he has seen the Great Grey Shrike again! Keith is already threaten to wear shorts for the summer do!!!

Andrew said...

Wonderful images Trevor and many thanks for sharing them.. it has given me more ammo in showing Amanda how my photos will be so much better with a bigger lens... so far it's falling on deaf ears.

The Herald said...

Douglas, thank you. It was a fantastic day and a pleasure to meet Findlay who is, I'm sure, a young man who's destined to go far...[;o)

Peter, it was worth the journey just to meet this remarkable young man.
I'm sure you'll find a Kingfisher soon and if you're lucky, as we were!, it will sit still long enough for you to take some photographs!!...[;o)

Hi Heather,Thanks again for inviting us and making us so welcome it was a pleasure meeting you all and I really enjoyed the walk.
I think Findlay enjoyed his day!
A summer BBQ sounds good...but Keith in shorts?...eerrm! not a sight I'm looking forward to!...[;o)

Thanks Andrew, Sounds like you're going to have to ramp up the pressure another notch, I'm sure perseverance will win in the end though!...Good luck!...[;o)

Gary Jones said...

Fantastic shots of the Kingfisher Trevor, was a great day and lovely to meet you.

The Herald said...

Thank you Gary. It was an excellent day spent in good company and a pleasure to meet both you and Sharon...[;o)