Friday, 1 February 2013


Earlier in the week I had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow blogger.  

Adrian  the self styled old age traveller of Adrian's Images fame, he who keeps us entertained with his dry and witty musings as he wends his way around the country in his camper van accompanied by his faithful sidekicks  Alf and Molly, had come to visit  'our patch' for a couple of days.  

I'm not going to bore you with the details of what we did or where we went, Adrian tells it much better than I ever could in his blog.
The first day was spent walking around Keith's local lake, Caldecote.  And later a photo session with some ornamental ducks on the pond  at Adrian's camp site. The evening before Adrian had chatted up and worked his charm on Rosemary the proprietor'ess of the campsite who came and unlocked the gate to the pond and allowed us to go in and take photographs at our leisure . (there was a high electric fence and cage around the pond to keep out the local foxes and other unwelcome visitors!)

Rosemary's Ducks

                        Bahama Pintail                                 Silver Bahama Pintail

                         Marbled Teal                                              Ferruginous Duck

                                Chiloe Wigeon                                Cinnamon Teal

                                           Mr and Mrs Carolina Wood Duck

Day two involved an early start and a visit to Summer Leys reserve in Northamptonshire. Unfortunately the wildfowl on the water were mobile and distant after being disturbed be a group of people using boats to undertake some sort of survey work. 

A distant Shelduck adds some colour to the grey water.

One highlight of the day was seeing a beautiful pair of Bullfinches as they visited the feeding station and also a paddling cock Pheasant. 

He looked none too happy getting his feet wet!

A female Reed Bunting bracing herself against the wind!

And further on a group of Goldfinch shining in the sunlight as they busily fed on some Teasel  heads.

And to round the day off Adrian treated Keith and myself to a meal in the local pub.

Thanks Adrian, it was a pleasure to meet and walk with you,  I hope you enjoyed your all too brief visit to our local patch. Perhaps next time you'll be able to stay a bit longer and we can show you more of our local sites, and maybe with some sunshine thrown in for good measure!


ADRIAN said...

It was a really good couple of days.
I can get a bit reclusive so your company was much appreciated.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful ducks that Rosemary had, and the birds that you found. Brilliant images Trevor.

The Herald said...

You're welcome Adrian, I'm glad you enjoyed it...[;o)

Thanks Bob...[;o)

Roy Norris said...

Stunning images as always Trevor. Really like the colour on the Ferruginous and the miserable looking pheasant.{:))

The Herald said...

Thanks Roy...[;o)

holdingmoments said...

A grand couple of days!
Rosemary's ducks were a bit special, and you caught them really well.

Love those Goldfinches you got while I was chasing elusive Redpoll's!

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith. Yeh, two excellent days. I was really chuffed with the Goldfinch shots...[;o)

ShySongbird said...

Shades of Last of the Summer Wine three together, a lethal combination I reckon ;-)

More great photos here Trevor and some interesting ducks in the collection. My favourite photos though are the Pheasant and the Goldfinch. I've probably said before but I have never managed the classic Teasel shot. I even planted a Teasel in the garden for that purpose but my husband thought it was a weed and pulled it up...he had never before done any weeding in his life!!

grammie g said...

Hi Trevor...Well you have some wonderful shots of the ducks fenced,and unfenced!! The Ferruginous
is a pretty fella!!
The Goldfinch photos are stunning..such a lovely looking bird!!
Wading Pheasant is not looking
happy ; )
No shots of the Herald then : )!!


The Herald said...

Thanks Jan. Yeh. we got some strange looks...can't imagine why!!

I was really pleased with the Goldfinch shots, and as always, it was just a stroke of luck that I glanced back down the track and saw them land on the teasels,they were so engrossed with feeding that I managed to get really close, until a dog walker came by, that is!!!

I hope your husband now understands the difference between a good weed and a bad weed?...or perhaps there was a method in his madness!!...[;o)

The Herald said...

Hi Grace...Thanks you. Yeh, there were some pretty ducks in that collection.

I'm really pleased with the Goldfinch images.

No shots of the Herald I'm afraid, it's a very shy and elusive species and not easy to catch on camera!!!...[;o)