Saturday, 22 December 2012


Bugger! that's it then?... the end of the world didn't happen and we're all still here....aren't we?

Yesterday was just a waste of time then?  I spent all day hiding in a corner with my fingers in my ears and my eyes tightly closed and...nothing happened...a whole day just bloody wasted!!

I said from the outset that you could never trust a Mayan to get things right, I think they just made their calendar so bloody complicated so that when they wanted a day off from building all those ruins they could just say "sorry gov. I didn't know what day it was"!!

The thing that concerns me most right now is...What the hell am I going to do with all these bottles of mineral water and packets of Jaffa Cakes that I've been stockpiling in my garden shed since last Easter?  I thought I should be prepared just in the hope that I might have been the only one to have escaped unscathed!! 

I guess that the next thing to happen now is that dithery Dave will set up a couple of public enquiries to  determine who should take the blame for nothing happening!

So, I suppose it's just back to normal now then?!... anyone there?


grammie g said...

HI Trevor...Not to worry I am hear...well maybe that is something to worry about ; )
You have to admit a lot of people had fun with whole thing...jokes, and poking fun was all over Facebook !!
Of course your day is over and mine is that should say what stupid thinking that was ; )
Forward to the next Bugger's idea!!

Have a Lovely Christmas, and be good to the Mrs. :)

Sharon Whitley said...

hahaha - I'm so relieved that this day is behind us as my poor 12 year old daughter has been absolutely worried sick about the world ending for months now - I mean really scared, so she is currently celebrating with a girly sleepover - and I can stop having to constantly reassure her and we can get on with enjoying our lives! Send a few boxes of those jaffa cakes my way - love them!

Penny said...

Heh heh!

holdingmoments said...

Yea; here. :-)

I guess we'll have to have a trip out in the new year, and make a start on using up those Jaffa Cakes.

ADRIAN said...

Two enquiries and a special enquiry are a must.
EnKWIRY 1. Why didn't the HMRC stop collecting tax.
EnKWIRY 2. To determone whether the weather was to blame.
EnKWIRY 3. To decide why we have a leader that costs a fortune and hides behind enquiries that cost a fortune.

Have a great Christmas.

The Herald said...

Hi Grace, glad you're safe and hanging on in there, it wouldn't be the same without you!! After that non event I guess we'll all just have to carry on plodding along as usual!!

Mrs M is well looked after, I've just finished wrapping a surprise Christmas present for her....Jaffa Cakes!!!

All the best and have a great Christmas...[;o)

Sharon, It was amazing to see how many people across the world were getting so worried, the media though just reveled in all the hype and enjoyed winding everyone up!

I don't know about the Jaffa Cakes, I'll have to see if I've got any going spare!!...[;o)

Penny, glad you enjoyed it...[;o)

Phew!! Glad we escaped that one then Keith.

Sounds like a good plan for the new year, we'll need a trailer though!!...[;o)

Adrian, You can't beat having a good enquiry, the more the merrier I say, it keeps us all entertained!![;o)

Carole M. said...

made me laugh. Well DARN, will vodka or white rum go ok as a mixer with the mineral water over Christmas and New Year perhaps? Use it before it expires!


Trevor, glad you made it out alive,but it could still end this weekend if this rain keeps on. But you will be ok with all those Jaffa cakes and lots of cups of tea.


Rob N said...

Nice one Trevor. !!

ShySongbird said...

Well that's a shed and a half!!! ;-) Three Counties Towers must be massive if you can fit that in the grounds ;-) You can send some of the mineral water my way, our tap water is vile!

The Herald said...

Carole, good's just a shame I didn't think of getting a few bottles in! Mind you the water would probably just spoil a good drink!!...[;o)

Peter, would you believe it, when I've got lots of water it never stops raining!! Jaffa cakes and tea....mmmm, sounds spot on!!...[;o)

Thanks Rob, have a great Christmas...[;o)

Jan, the trouble with sheds is that no matter how many you have they somehow manage,in no time at all, to get full to the rafters!!
Sorry but I think I'd better hang on to the water, you never know there might be a drought just around the corner!!...[;o)

Bob Bushell said...

I don't like Jaffa Cakes, it's great that it went ok, phew.

The Herald said...

Glad to hear it Bob, that means there's more for me, he! he!...[;o)

Roy Norris said...

Yes, still here Trevor. Regarding the mineral water, perhaps we may get a water shortage next year and you may need it, or perhaps not.
Do you really think you should even be looking at those Jaffa cakes.??
Here is to a great 2013.

The Herald said...

Roy, it looks like we made it then?
My prediction for 2013 is that we're going to have a prolonged mega heatwave and the demand, and price!, of bottled water will sky rocket!!
Surely, just one more Jaffa cake won't hurt...will it?

All the best for the New Year...[;o)

Andrew said...

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas Trevor and that all your dreams come true during 2013.
Take care.

The Herald said...

Thanks Andrew, best wishes to you and yours, have a great Christmas...[;o)