Saturday, 1 December 2012

BOHEMIAN WAXWING (bombycilla garrulus)

Last Thursday dawned  cold, bright and sunny and I had the pleasure of spending the morning watching a flock of 31 of these stunning birds at their traditional (when an eruption occurs) feeding spot, on the white berried Sorbus (Rowan) trees, in Woburn village in Bedfordshire.


Beautiful birds and a pleasure to see.



Yes they are a lovely bird Trevor, Bob Bushall told me about some feeding near here,i popped up this morning but the light was poor for photos. Its sunny now so Bob will get some more photos if he returns today.


holdingmoments said...

Stunning set Trevor.
I can't think of any other bird that causes so much excitement when they arrive. Much better weather when we saw them earlier too.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos! Well done Trevor, what stunning birds they are. I have a horrible feeling I am going to be the only one to miss out on them just like last time :-( A visit to a likely long line of Rowans yesterday produced not one berry to be seen! There don't even seem to be any reports of birds being seen in my immediate area although it is still very early of course.

Roy Norris said...

Brilliant Trevor. It is amazing to see these birds and you have taken some fantastic images.

ADRIAN said...

Unbelievably good. You have the best Waxwings I have seen on t'internet blogger pictures.
Never knew they were Bohemian....Look more American to me with the ducks arse haircut.
Have you sent any for print?...Bet you are like a dog with two tails.

Nothing is perfect give us series two.

The Herald said...

Peter, it's always difficult to pass up a chance to see and photograph these stunning birds...[;o)

Thanks Keith. Yeh, good light makes them even more photogenic.
They've certainly caused some excitement, in more ways than one!!...[;o)

Thank you Jan. I hope you do get the chance to see them, I'm sure they'll be coming your way soon, If the berry crop holds out that is, it does seem to be disappearing fast!...[;o)

Thanks Roy. Yeh beautiful birds and a pleasure to see them...[;o)

grammie g said...

Hi Trevor...Your the envy of many birders : } Just stunning!!
Your photos are just gorgeous...with that crest standing up, and berry in the mouth make for great shot's!
I have seen them many times and gotten photos , but it is the same thrill every time!!

The Herald said...

Thanks Adrian. The Bohemian's range covers all the Northern Hemisphere continents to just below the Arctic circle, it's also a little bigger and lighter in colour than the 'American' Cedar Waxwing (bombycilla cedrorum) which is confined to North America only.

Yeh, I'm quite pleased with these, although they could always be better!!

I very seldom print anything these days but if needed I've got a good (canon A3+) printer and some Ilford Gallerie photo pro paper. Unfortunately it 'died' a couple of weeks ago and is currently in for repair!! (expensive I guess!!)

Hopefully I'll get a chance to snap series two in the next few weeks...[;o)

The Herald said...

Hi Grace...Thanks for those kind comments. They always draw lots of birders and photographers whenever they appear around the country. They're stunning looking birds and it's always a pleasure to get some decent photographs...[;o)

Bob Bushell said...

As usual, you having a beautiful bird, my favourite is number 5, terrific.

The Herald said...

Thanks Bob...[;o)

Findlay Wilde said...

These are briiliant pictures. I'd be happy to see just one. From Findlay

Gary Jones said...

great shots Trevor, very much the bird of the moment

The Herald said...

Thanks Findlay, hopefully they'll be down your way soon...[;o)

Gary, thank you. Yeh, beautiful birds that cause much excitement when they arrive!...[;o)

¨¨*:•♥•: FRANCE*¨¨*:•♥ said...

BOnsoir de très belles photos quel plaisir je trouve de regarder les oiseaux
BOnne soirée

The Herald said...

France. Thank you, I'm glad you liked the pictures, great birds aren't they? Thanks for visiting and best wishes...[;o)

Caramella said...

What an impressive bird! So cute! I see my mom is already following you ...she's

Your pictures are really beautiful!

The Herald said...

Caramella, Thank you for stopping by and following.

Thank you also for your kind comments.

The Waxwings are truly beautiful birds and at the moment are causing great excitement here in the UK as they start to arrive in great numbers from the far North...[;o)