Wednesday, 20 September 2017


I spent last week on holiday in North Norfolk, normally alongside the DSLR I carry a small compact camera for taking general photos, views etc. This time I decided to lighten the load a little and use the camera on my phone.
Norfolk is the place to go for big skies and during our holiday we were lucky(!?!) to get more than a few dramatic ones!...just the job to test out the camera phone and, after a little tittivating in Photoshop, I'm really pleased with the results.

According to the metadata recorded by my phone I took this next image at 9.68 meters BELOW sea level!

Here's a little teaser for you...can you spot the odd one out? 



ADRIAN said...

The phones make for fun and who ever uses the definition provided by a top end DSLR. Great shots.
The answer to the poser is the one with the mast.

douglas mcfarlane said...

Please tell me that's not your car lol.
Sadly my phone camera is too dirty but I reckon the metadata about being below sea level is quite accurate. You'd never really guess when walking that stretch...or parking (Blakeney?)

The Herald said...

Adrian, they won't make fine art prints but they'll do for my needs.
Haha! maybe fitting a snorkel and periscope would have been a good idea!...[;o)

No not my car Douglas, expensive day for the young lad who left it though..low tide about five hours later and he looked a bit sheepish as the AA came to drag it away!!
Not Blakeney but Burnham Overy Staithe... we rented a cottage there for a week, I love North Norfolk beaches!... a tad peed off though, three days after we left what turns up about 10 minutes walk from the cottage... a Pallas's Gropper in a spot that I'd walked past nearly every day...maybe I should have looked harder!! (did you see the pictures of the twitcher's cars being swamped by the tide? The AA must do a good trade from that parking area!)...[;o)

douglas mcfarlane said...

Actually given the footage emerging from the Pallas twitch and the Twitchers and Warden for Holkham you were best off to miss. I retweeted the 'very British twitch' video, shameful

The Herald said...

Douglas, as you say, shameful behaviour. I'm glad that I'm not a 'twitcher'!.

Roy Norris said...

These are absolutely beautiful professional scenic images Trevor.
You may as well flog the DSLR Kit now, just think of the back and the rest of the body. :))

The Herald said...

Thanks Roy.
Haha!...Unfortunately, I think the back will have to stop complaining and bear the strain for a while yet!!...[;o)