Wednesday, 27 April 2016



Reed Bunting


This is where it all the front bedroom of a small two up two down terraced cottage located in a small South Cambridgeshire village close to the Hertfordshire border...

Red Kite

....65 years ago on the 27th. April 1951 a small bundle of joy was brought into the world.

 (I'm glad that I soon grew out of the dress wearing phase!)

 Celebrating Corn Bunting and Reed Bunting.

The blonde hair didn't last long either, although during the last decade it does (what's left of it) appear to have once again reverted towards a lighter shade...of grey! 

Red Kite

65 years is a good amount of time to perfect your own style and persona to present to the world.... do you think I've done?


Corn Bunting

Now I find that some days trying to keep up the standard is just sooo tiring!....



douglas mcfarlane said...

Happy Birthday Trevor, though I did hear rumours that you have not quite grown out of the dress wearing phase lol

ADRIAN said...

I hope you had a great day. Many happy returns.
I like your low level style, I tend to lie flat out and have the very devil of a job getting up again.

The Herald said...

Thanks Douglas.
OH!..NO!...65 years I've kept that look what you've gone and done?...[;o{

Thank you Adrian...I wouldn't dare get any lower than[;o)

holdingmoments said...

What could I possibly say about the dress?

Happy birthday.

The Herald said...

Cheers Keith.....I think it's best if we just don't mention the dress thing again, it was just an early phase that I went through!...[;o{


Happy birthday Trevor, i know how you must be feeling, what did parents think when dressing kids in this way. Mine put me in a hand knitted bathing costume and took photos of me.Have a good day and if you want a nap, have one, i do all the time.


Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Happy Birthday.Birds bring a lot of joy in life.

The Herald said...

Thanks Peter, I guess the fashion trends were a bit different way back in the dark

I think they call them power naps...that does it for me!...[;o)

Anne, thank you...and thanks for dropping by...[;o)

Frank Boxell said...

How did I miss this one!!

Belated Birthday Greetings to the 'knee crawler' and welcome to the OAP club.

Interesting memories and great images Trevor.

The Herald said...

Thanks Frank...[;o)

Roy Norris said...

This one slipped through the net for some reason to do with the Auto update Trevor.
Belated Many Happy Returns for the 27th.
65. still just a lad really.
Some great images, although not too sure about the "Macro Shooting" pose though.
The last one however, "In repose", that is more appropriate and it would be good if bench seats were always strategically placed.{:))

The Herald said...

Thanks Roy. Still feeling young at heart, although the body might have other ideas!

It's always good to know where the resting places are...[;o)

Bob Bushell said...

Ow, I missed it, later, happy birthday, it was mine yesterday, 1 year behind you.
A great picture of you Trevor.

The Herald said...

Thanks Bob, and belated birthday greetings to you for yesterday...[;o)