Monday, 27 April 2015


A couple of weeks ago, in a moment of sheer indulgence, I became the proud owner of a new ‘toy’…

Flash Box

…and I’ve been practising my flashing ever since…er?..let’s move on!
After confusing myself by reading the book of words that came with it I decided that the best way to get to know how it works was to start taking photos.
I paired it up with my 100mm macro lens and have been amazed at the results..not perfect yet, but getting there slowly.

Progress so far…a few bugs…

G Lace 1
Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea)  15mm long.

C Woodlouse 1
Common Shining Woodlouse (Oniscus asellus) 10mm long.

Weevil - Common Leaf  1
Common Leaf Weevil (Phyllobious pyri) 10mm long. Apparently they come in various hues, this one has a red tinge. The colouration can wear off leaving them almost black.

The one below doesn’t have the red tinge and the black is starting to show through.

Weevil - Common Leaf  2

Weevil - Common Leaf  3

The final set of images are of a Lily Beetle (Lilioceris lilii) If you grow lilies this is not a good beetle to find in your garden as both the adult and the larvae chomp on the leaves and flower buds from April to August and are classed as a serious garden pest. They grow from about 6 to 8mm long. They do look pretty though!!

Lily B 1

Lily B 2

What’s happening here?

Lily B 3

Take off!…

Lily B 4

…and again!

Lily B 5

Still a work in progress but I’m happy with the results so far.


douglas mcfarlane said...

All great images, I like the first image Lily Beetle trying to take off.

The Herald said...

Thanks Douglas...I'm getting there slowly!...[;o)

ADRIAN said...

Excellent Trevor. now you have the flash you can stop the lens right down for insects. It gives great DOF at f25 and will go down to f30 summat but that is not so good.
A great selection. The lacewing is a real beauty and fancy getting the take off shot.
I use Morrisons sketch pad paper as it is pretty smooth without being reflective. I then use the eyedropper in levels to pull the grey back to white.

The Herald said...

Thanks Adrian, I'm pleased with the new toy, I've still got someway to go yet to get the best out of it!
These were taken at f20 I'll try stopping the lens down some more.
I didn't plan for the take off shots it was just luck that it took flight. It was a devil to relocate it around the kitchen after every sortie though!
Yeh, I used the eye dropper on some but forgot on the others!!...[;o)

holdingmoments said...

Great shots with the new toy Trev.

After reading that about the Lily Beetle, I'm glad you took the buggers home with you.

ADRIAN said...

I would have no chance of finding the insect in the van. I have a couple of spiders and a weevil as lodgers.
Extension tubes are the next step as you can leave the lens on 1:1 and get closer and closer. Mine will talk to the camera for ETTL and were cheap Dorr ones. Not the mega bucks Canon stuff though they are much better made. They don't auto focus very well but I don't use it anyway.
The quest for higher magnification becomes a bit addictive.

The Herald said...

Cheers don't want them back then?...[;o)

Adrian, Nothing has yet made a successful insect wrangling a recognised job?

I do have a set of auto extension tubes (Kenko) but haven't tried them yet with the lens and flash setup, I'll have to give them a whirl...[;o)

Roy Norris said...

Amazing macros Trevor.
A 'Ring flash', you have been watching too many of those CSI programmes on TV Trevor.{:))

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Trevoe Boys with new toys! Well this one looks greast and these first results, to me are marvellous. Are you still trapping your Moths?

The Herald said...

Roy, thank you. No time to watch TV I'm!...[;o)

Thanks Margaret...We can't do without our toys!
Yeh, the trap has been out a couple of times this year..I'm competing with some new street lights though, so not good catches so far...[;o)