Tuesday, 1 July 2014


What would you think if I told you that when I was out and about a few days ago I encountered lots of little purple men wearing pink onesies (that’s jump suits to us older generation!)? Your first thought would probably be that I’d had one glass too many or maybe I’d been partaking in a few puffs of a certain recreational weed. So, before we go any further let me put the record straight, I neither drink alcohol or smoke.
Now that we’ve established that I wasn’t under the influence of booze or drugs and, as we all know, I’m as sane as the next chap, if I said to you again ‘I saw lots of little purple men the other day, they were wearing pink jump suits and hanging around in the hedgerow’ you would have to take my word for it, wouldn’t you?

I knew that you would be hard to convince, so I took some photographs to prove that I wasn’t just making up a story.

Purple Man 1
I told you they were just hanging around.

Purple Man 2
Here’s some more…they were everywhere!

Purple Man 3
I asked nicely and one let me take his portrait.

Yea!…okay! so there wasn’t really any little purple men, but there was lots of….

Hedge Woundwort (stachys sylvatica). A hairy perennial with creeping stems and upright flower stalks. When bruised it gives of an unpleasant smell. It can be found growing, often on disturbed soil, along roadside verges and under hedgerows. It flowers from June to October.

So the next time that you’re out and about keep your eyes peeled, you never know, you just might encounter some little purple men!

Yipee! it’s holiday time!….From this Friday I shall be away on holiday to spend a week exploring the North York Moors. I’ll try and catch up on all your posts when I return. 


ADRIAN said...

We called them Romper suits. These are brilliant. Just my sort of flower.
I'll look them up and see if I can find one.
Flowers up here tend to be small. I suspect it's the weather.

The Herald said...

I don't think I ever had a pink romper suit though, but maybe you...anyway, they are cracking little flowers aren't they? Good luck in your quest, I hope you find some....[;o)

holdingmoments said...

I've seen the pink elephants before, and thought maybe there was something wrong with me.
Glad I'm not the only one.

Have a good holiday.

The Herald said...

Yup!..it's strange the things we see...or think we've seen!

I'm looking forward to my holiday, thanks...[;o)

douglas mcfarlane said...

Hi when you started to talk about men in pink onesies i thought i had been rumbled and my secret was out....
These are beautiful images which are very well framed too
you have a great holiday hopefully we will hear all about it when you get back

The Herald said...

Shooosh!...I won't tell anyone if you don't!
Thanks Douglas, I guess I'll have at least one or two photographs to share when I get back!...[;o)


Well done Trevor and well spotted, have a great holiday and come back with some more great photos.


Roy Norris said...

Fabulous images Trevor.
A great story, however, I did think for a while there that you ought to be "Sectioned".{:))
Look forward to some of your great photography on your return from that funny place up North.

The Herald said...

Thanks Peter, I'm sure I'll return with a few(!) photos, whether they'll be any good or not we'll have to wait and see?...[;o)

Thanks Roy. I sometimes wonder about that myself!
I do my best on the photography front, as long as I manage to get my camera gear through customs okay?...[;o)

Frank said...

Great title and super presentation Trevor. I'll definitely try to keep my eyes open for these.

I trust your visa is up to date ... enjoy your northern excursion.

grammie g said...

HI Trevor... A real stunner and wonderfully photoed, as for the photographer I am not sure, I keep my thoughts to myself lol!!

Have a great holiday, wish I was of on one 1


The Herald said...

Thanks Frank. I hope you find it, it's a fascinating plant to study up close.

Yeh, no problem, all the necessary paperwork has been double checked!...[;o)

Hi Grace...Thank you. Yeh, I sometimes worry about the photographer too!
I'm looking forward to my holiday...just seen the weather forecast for the first two days....it's predicting wind and rain!...hey! ho!...[;o)

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Trevor. Your posts crack me up. They are hilarious and ally give me a good laugh. this is a very interesting plant and I must look out for it. greats shots of it. have a wonderful holiday and you will bring back LOTS of photographs for us yo see.

The Herald said...

Thanks Margaret, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Yeh, keep an eye out for them...you never know who's watching you!
I'll try really hard(??) to bring back one or two photos!...[;o)

Andrew Fulton said...

Wonderful Trevor... I must look out for this plant.

The Herald said...

Thanks Andrew. Good luck!...[;o)

Bob Bushell said...

Where are you, oh, I missed that one. Beautiful images Trevor.

The Herald said...

Thanks Bob. Don't worry I'm still here! Making the most of the sunny weather...out and about taking even more photos. Just can't summon up the enthusiasm to do any posts tho'...soon maybe?...[;o)