Friday, 14 March 2014

A new site and……….

……a new ‘tick’.

Today I visited a new site for me, situated on the Greensand Ridge just a few miles to the south of Milton Keynes it consists of mixed woodland surrounding Gorse covered heathland. My original plan was just to explore the area to see what was about. It was pleasing to see that there was a good amount of the ‘commoner’ birds around…Blue Tits in the treetops,Coal Tits feeding on the pine cones, Skylarks singing as they rose up into the blue(ish) sky, at least five Buzzards circling and calling overhead, and sightings of Jay, Jackdaw, Carrion Crow, Magpie, Linnet, Dunnock…the signs were promising that this might be a decent site.

I then met two birders (funny how you can tell a birder from a ‘normal’ person!) and after exchanging the usual pleasantries I was asked if I’d seen the Dartford Warbler and if I hadn’t it was showing really well a couple of hundred yards further down the track. Now, I knew that a Dartford Warbler had been spotted somewhere in the area but I didn’t know that THIS was the exact spot!
I slowly walked down to the indicated area and there…singing it’s little heart out from the top of a small tree was a stunning male Dartford Warbler. I spend an enjoyable twenty or so minutes photographing it as it moved around from bush to bush.

Darty 1

Darty 2

Darty 3

Darty 4

With a brand new ‘life tick’ and some half decent photos I made my way home feeling rather happy.


Carole M. said...

Trevor, you would've indeed been happy with your bird-bounty that day and so nicely presented too, most enjoyable.

grammie g said...

Hi Trevor... What a darling little bugger it is!!
It's has some big eyes for his size!!
Congrats's to you on your latest lifer!!


ADRIAN said...

These are stunning shots.
It's a good job you were there and not me.

Margaret Adamson said...

HI Trevor Fantastic shots of this Warbler. I am off again to the i.O.W. on Monday an I hope to see a Dartford up on the Downs (that sounds a bit Irish!!) You are doing a great jb watching Keith's patch adn I am sure he si as 'sick as a Parrot' that you have seen the Dartford Warbler first on his patch. Have a great weekend. Eileen adn I hope to go over to Portland Bill. HAve you ever been there?

The Herald said...

Thanks Carole. Yeh, it turned out to be a good day...[;o)

Hi Grace...Thank you, A cracking little bird for a new 'tick'...and only a few miles from home...can't be bad!!...[;o)

Thanks Adrian, I'm sure you would have got some good pictures had you been there, it was showing really well a times...[;o)

Thanks Margaret. I hope you get to see one of these cracking little birds while you're up on the downs. Yeh, sick as a parrot is about right, I guess I'll have to take Keith for a look see when he gets back home?
I've been to 'the bill' a few times, It's been a few years now though. Hopefully you should get to see lots of birds, I've read that the migrant numbers are building nicely just now....good luck...[;o)

holdingmoments said...

I can't really post my first words that escaped my delicate mouth ........ but blimey, what a tick. Hope it hangs around long enough for me to see it when I get back.
Great set of shots, great tick.
Nice one Trev.

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith, I'm just guessing that the words you uttered were along the lines of 'oh dear', I'm sure you could have posted them without causing offence?
Yeh, it was a good tick to find, all the better for being unexpected too.
No worries...I've told it to hang about till my mate gets back from his hols!...[;o)

Bob Bushell said...

Bloody hell man, you caught the Dartford Warbler, I could never reach those limits. Great shots Trevor.

Sharon Whitley said...

what a wonderful little bird!!! Probably one I'm not likely to see myself so I'll make do with your beautiful photos of it! :-)

The Herald said...

Thanks Bob. Yeeeh!...a Dartford Warbler, never thought I'd get to see one, it made my day, I'm as chuffed as little mint balls!!...[;o)

Sharon, it's a cracking little bird and I'm so pleased I saw it, and only a few miles from home!
You might get to see one while you're out walking, you never know?
Glad you liked the photos..a future painting maybe?...[;o)

douglas mcfarlane said...

This is one of the reasons I love gorse so much what a cracking bird to find in the region it surely has to go into the "tick" of the year?
Well done Trevor.
p.s. keep your eye peeled for a Stonechat now :o)

The Herald said...

Thanks Douglas. Yeh, definitely the tick of the far!!
I've already ticked off Stonechat for this year, saw a lovely pair on Pitstone Hill at the end of last month.
Wheatear and Ring Ouzel next..I hope?...[;o)


Well done Trevor on your good luck,i'm happy if i get near a Stone chat, so you must have been buzzing.


The Herald said...

Thanks Peter, Yeh it definitely made my day...[;o)

Roy Norris said...

Absolutely brilliant, well done Trevor. What a find.
Yet another bird I have never seen.
Yes funny about birders,
mind you, the scope, binoculars, camera with long lens attached and usually dressed in drab green, coupled with the strange angle of the the neck and a frustrated look may be a bit of a clue.

The Herald said...

Thanks Roy, A cracking little bird to see...I was lucky really, if those two birders hadn't told me about it I would probably have never seen it!
Hopefully you'll get to see one soon?
And that's a perfect description!!...[;o)

Rob N said...

Nice one Trevor,
The little devil never posed like that for me.!!

The Herald said...

Thanks Rob. Yeh, I must have caught it on a good day?[;o)

Findlay Wilde said...

I bet you didn't expect that when you set off in the morning. What a great day. From Findlay

The Herald said...

Cheers Findlay. Yeh, it turned out to be a rather good day...[;o)