Sunday, 29 December 2013


Whilst out and about in the countryside I sometimes stumble across something that catches my eye for being out of place or just different. Or it could be something that just appeals to my (strange?) sense of humour and I can’t resist taking a snap (or two!).

Here’s a selection of images taken, from just these sorts of occasions, during the last year.

Sometimes I just didn’t know which way to go.

There’s always someone watching your every move!

Big cats roaming free in Bedfordshire?

A lost friend.

‘Squares’   From when my ‘arty’ mood takes control!

The Nightingale.  My type of pub…a nice relaxing pint and a ‘tick’ for the year list on the way out!!

If you go down into the woods today…..and you thought it was just a fairytale?

Not a place for grave robbers and ghouls then?

Remind you of anyone?

EOY 10
Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men…and don’t forget Little Weeeeed.  (I’m showing my age now!)

EOY 11
Triangles…another ‘arty’ one.

EOY 12
You’ve got to wear the right gear especially if you want to blend in in the car park!

EOY 13
If you’re this good of an artist why do you have to paint on an underpass wall?… canvas, I guess?

EOY 14
I like signs that get straight to the point!

I hope you enjoyed this ‘different’ set of images….see you next year!


amanda peters said...

Great set of photos...

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Trevor. Your shots are priceless. Some of them really made me laugh out loud. I lasso liked the 'arty' ones very much. I know who I think that person is like!!!! not telling here!!! 'May I wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope that you NEVER lose your humour in 2014.


Yes i did enjoy you photos Trevor, the face in #2....great. Have a grat new year too.


Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant of the entertainment in
everywhere, lovely so funny. Great journey Trevor.

Andrew Fulton said...

These are all wonderful Trevor... a big smile on our faces.

holdingmoments said...

Great selection Trevor.
Some really quirky ones there.
That yellow doll wouldn't look out of place in a horror film, nice looking pub, I remember the picnic, Lazerus springs to mind with the sign, handsome carving, and I almost didn't see that photographer. He even had matching footware. Tosser.

Roy Norris said...

Very enjoyable Trevor. Have a great 2014.

Penny said...

Yes, thank you, I did enjoy this set of images very much! As uniquely beautiful as nature is, I get such a kick out of discovering these kinds of examples of the hand of man in the world.

The Herald said...

Thanks Amanda...[;o)

Margaret thanks I'm glad you enjoyed them. Hopefully I'll always have a sense of humour, a good laugh now and again helps to see us through the day.
Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful New Year...[;o)

Thank you Peter. Happy New Year...[;o)

Thanks Bob...[;o)

Thank You Andrew, glad you enjoyed them...[;o)

Cheers Keith, I'm glad the images brought back the memories of some great days out. I don't know who modeled for that carving? Perhaps it's time I rushed of to the sales to see if I can get some good camo gear for next year?...[;o)

Thank you Roy, all the best for 2014...[;o)

Thank you Penny. Yeh, I always try to keep an eye out for that 'different' image...[;o)

ADRIAN said...

An great selection Trevor. That is a very handsome tree carving.
Seriously there are some wonderful arty images here.

The Herald said...

Thanks Adrian...[;o)

douglas mcfarlane said...

I did enjoy them. My favourite has to be the sign informing that body removal being made me laugh.

The Herald said...

Glad they brought a smile Douglas...[;o)