Saturday, 18 May 2013


I went out yesterday to photograph the Bluebells in the local woods. Unfortunately the light wasn't perfect, it was rather overcast and dull... and almost dark under the tree canopy, just to add to the fun it was also cold and muddy!

It's quite a large wood and there were lots of people milling about looking at the Bluebells so a lot of time was spent waiting for a clear shot.

I also got a few funny looks as I was crawling about in the mud and the leaf litter to get the low down shots!

I'm not too pleased with the focusing and the depth of field in these close up shots...I'll go back after the weekend and have another roll around in the!

I also encountered a problem during the processing of these images. When I imported the CR2 images into the Adobe Raw Converter the blue was extremely over saturated and I had a struggle to adjust them back to anything close to the correct colour!...any ideas? 


Douglas Mcfarlane said...

We photographers do get some odd looks from people, but it's worth it. I liked the images especially the last one and the first one with the path, but all are equally good.
As for the colour issue you had, did you check to see what the ICC profile was when importing them (adobe rgb or standard rgb)?

The Herald said...

Thanks Douglas. Yeh, I'm used to the funny!

I've just done a test with the Bluebells in the garden shooting on sRGB and aRGB the aRGB seem to be much better. I'll give it a full try when I go back to the woods...thanks for that...[;o)

ADRIAN said...

I hope a strange looker gave you a helping hand up.

I have been fighting colour issues all my digital days.

These look fine on my newly calibrated screen.....Fine! Hark at me! They are beautiful.

The Herald said...

Afraid not Adrian they just snigger and walk on by!

Douglas seems to have found the answer to the colour problem, I'll see how it goes when I go back for a second attempt!

Thanks for the kind comments...[;o)

Bob Bushell said...

Oh dear, I was going to put the Bluebells tomorrow, what should I do?
Yours are beautiful Trevor, thoroughly beautiful.

The Herald said...

Peter, your comment seems to have disappeared into thin air? Thanks for the kind comments...[;o)

Just go for it Bob, I for one would love to see them.'re too kind!...[;o)

theconstantwalker said...

Trevor these are wonderful images... my Bluebell woods have been a real disappointment this year as they are only just coming into flower and nothing like years gone by.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

You bluebells are just beautiful. I wouldlove to be able to photographsas you have done. It certainly was a good idea getting down ad dirty. perhaps that's were i am going wrong!!!

Roy Norris said...

Lovely images Trevor, I particularly like the third bluebell shot from the top.

holdingmoments said...

Great set Trevor. I love them all, but the 'portrait' shot of the woods, is worthy of gracing anyone's wall.

The Herald said...

Thanks Andrew, It's been a strange spring this year with lots of flowers being very late, perhaps your bluebells will start to 'show' soon?...[;o)

Thank you Margaret. It's good fun(?) rolling about in the mud and the leaf litter, go on!..give it a go!...[;o)

Thanks Roy...[;o)

Thanks Keith, they're showing well at the moment..lots of people though!...[;o)

Heather Wilde said...

I love them all but especially the first one with the path weaving through them. (And a big thank you for all the supportive comments you have been adding to Harley's blog).

ShySongbird said...

Well I think they're beautiful Trevor and the colour looks as it should to me. My Bluebell photos often come out too pale but I'm not too hot on the technicalities of photography. The wood looks so pretty with that sea of blue and the lovely, delicate green of new leaf growth on the trees!

The Herald said...

Thanks Heather...[;o)

Harley is doing great with his blog, he certainly has a good eye for a photograph.

Thanks Jan I'm glad you liked them.
Every year I have a go at photographing them and I'm never over pleased with the results...they say practice makes perfect...hmmm...I think I'll just have to keep practising!!

The woods do look beautiful, I went back yesterday...big mistake!...almost as many people as bluebells!!

Carole M. said...

not sure why but not picking up your posts; think there's been blogger gremlins about lately. Delightful floral images

The Herald said...

Carole, thank you. Yeh, there's been a problem recently with blogger where people haven't been able to see some of my posts, hopefully things are back to 'normal' now!...[;o)