Sunday, 20 January 2013


........not heavily, but nonstop since 9am this morning! So what better things to do than indulge in another spell of bird watching from the warm side of the window!

The main item of interest was watching how my 'resident' male Blackbird has decided that he is boss of the patch and aggressively sees off all comers, from Robin and Dunnock to Starling and Woodpigeon, size is no object all get short shrift if they linger for too long!!

However some were allowed to stay for long enough to have their photo taken!

Pied Wagtail, a new garden visitor!

Even Mrs. Blackbird got the same treatment as all the rest!

Goldfinch, as many as 14 on or around the Sunflower Heart feeders.


Robin, the previous 'boss' of the garden!


 It looks as if it's going to stay cold and frosty for most of next week so I suspect there'll be lots more bird watching through the window to come!

Whatever your doing during this coming week make sure to stay safe and warm. 


Roy Norris said...

All super shots Trevor, but the Wagtail is a masterpiece as getting the right exposure in snow with a black and white bird takes some doing.

ADRIAN said...

Keep the windows clean. It could be a productive week for those prepared to enjoy a chair in the warm.

Findlay Wilde said...

These are amazing pictures. I can't even pick a favourite. From Findlay

holdingmoments said...

Cracking set Trevor. The Starling and Goldfinch are beauties.
Looks like you have the same visitors, and weather, as me.

Had a Pied Wagtail in garden all day today, and strangely enough heard of at least half a dozen in other peoples gardens today too. Last time I had one visit, was a couple of years ago, when we had all the snow.

ShySongbird said...

You spent your time well Trevor! I like them all but particularly the colourful Goldfinch. I think Starlings are much more attractive than some give them credit for too.

The Fieldfares I have been watching in my garden today would soon sort your Blackbird out ;-) They have chased every one off, such a waste of energy in this weather!

grammie g said...

Hi Trevor...I'm thinking you sent some of those Starling over the pond, because I don't usual have them at the feeders in winter!!
I go toward the window and wave my arms.. they take of but the little guys stay I guess those starling know who is boss !!
Your birdie's are cute, especially that Robin ...Great shot's for just sitting on you butt in the
window ; }

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful snowy birds, I love them. Of course, they don't like it very much.

The Herald said...

Roy, Thanks. There was a lot of trial and error involved with the Wagtail, luckily (despite the Blackbird!)it stayed around for most of the day...[;o)

Adrian, going by the forecasts it looks like I may be stuck in this chair for some time!!...[;o)

Thanks Findlay...[;o)

Keith, thank you. As long as I kept up a steady supply of mealworms the Wagtail was happy to And it was a welcome tick for the garden!...[;o)

Jan, thanks. The snow really sets the birds off a treat, it's a pity that they have to struggle with it though.
I think 'my' Blackbird would be a match for your Fieldfares any day, he's a feisty little so and so, and the first one on duty again this morning!...[;o)

Hi Grace. So that's where all the Starlings have gone, you've got them all!...sadly they are a bird in decline over here, although they can be a bit of a nuisance when they turn up mob handed to raid the feeders, individually their markings are beautiful.

I'm quite content sitting here, in the warm, watching the goings on in the garden, though it has been said that I could make a career out of just sitting on my arse!!...[;o)

Bob, thank you. Yeh, they do look beautiful in the snow. it's a shame that it causes them so much grief...[;o)

Abhinav R said...

Beautiful set of bird photos!

The Herald said...

Abhinav, thank you...[;o)

Friend of HK said...

Wow! A superb set of images!

The Herald said...

Friend of HK, thank you and welcome...many thanks for stopping by and following my blog...[;o)