Friday, 9 November 2012


I seem to be having a problem with Blogger. Apparently my last post (1-11-12) and a subsequent re-post (7-11-12) did not show up on my followers reading lists, and I've no idea why!!

So, if you can 'see' this test post please let me know. Thanks.

Sunrise - Pitsford Water Northamptonshire  8-11-12


holdingmoments said...

Showing now. :-)

ADRIAN said...

Trevor...I can see it...I see the light...I believe!
PS. Could have done with an ND filter could this. You are back in blogland.

ADRIAN said...

It's me again...I can still see it.

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith. Strange goings on!!...[;o)

Thanks Adrian, glad you've seen the light! The ND filter, I'm afraid, stayed snug and warm at home, the Donkey (me!!) couldn't carry any more!!...[;o)

grammie g said...

Hi've made it to America so maybe the wind is blowing in the right direction!! : )
I have had that happen to me, but when re-posted it worked!! Sad looking place in that photo,but I like it!! : )

The Herald said...

Hi Grace, I'm glad to hear that I've made it safely across the water, I seem to have got a name change on the way though! Not to worry, sometimes even I have trouble remembering who I am!!
Yeh, nice ruins...shame the light wasn't a little bit better, the sun didn't last for long!...[;o)


yes your blog is ok here too Trevor


Roy said...

HI Trevor, I can see your post OK. When are you going to finish building that property.{:))
I have had several problems with mine recently especially the commenting box.

grammie g said...

Hi TREVOR...That's serves me right for ready the above comments...I was laughing about Adrian coming back, and your being glad that he had seen the "light" LOL!! ( that's my best excuse) : )
Sometimes the comment section with you guys is better then the post it's self!! ; )

Penny said...

See it and am enjoying it!

Bob Bushell said...

I can see it as well, nothing going wrong. Lovely scenery.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Trevor, Yes you have shown up on my sidebar and the reading list on my dashboard but the last post definitely did not show on either. You may not remember but exactly the same thing happened earlier in the year (I have looked back and see it was in March) which I mentioned in a comment to you on your post of Friday 16th March which I discovered by chance on April 10th. I thought at the time it might have been because I was on my iPad but suspect as it has happened again and other people are also affected that it must be a fault at your end.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the Whooper post, such beautiful swans and your photos showed them to perfection. It looked and sounded like a very enjoyable visit to Welney. Love the classic Goldfinch shot too. I have never managed one on a Teasel yet.

The Herald said...

Thanks Peter...[;o)

Thanks Roy, Yeh, it's almost done, just needs a couple more coats of paint!...[;o)

Never mind Grace, I'll let you off this time!...[;o)

Thank you Penny, and thanks for stopping by...[;o)

Thanks Bob...[;o)

Thanks Jan, I'm putting it down to the vagaries of blogger, it's all part of the fun I guess!

Glad you got to see the Whooper post in the end, and yeh, we had a great day (the sun eventually came out and we had some excellent light). The light was also good for the Goldfinch on the Teasels, unfortunately not many of them wanted to 'pose'...[;o)