Wednesday, 6 June 2012


For the last few days this rather bedraggled Blue Tit has, come rain or shine (mostly rain!!), been visiting the feeders in my garden on a regular basis, up to three visits per every half hour. Judging by the flight path I suspect that he/she is busy rearing a nest full of young a couple of gardens away, unfortunately I can't see where it ends up.
The higher frequency of visits occurring during early mornings and late afternoons also suggests the existence of a busy feeding regime.

I'm hoping that this poor bird's dishevelled state has only been caused by the stresses and strains of parenthood and not by anything more serious, time will tell I guess.

There is another Blue Tit that is also making regular visits to the feeders and appears to be fit and healthy. I'm not sure however if they are a 'pair' as this one takes a quite different flight path, although in a similar direction!


Roy said...

It will take a while to get over that Trevor. They may even start another lot.

grammie g said...

Hi Trevor...Poor looking fella...sorry but I had to laugh ; }
If it is a parent is looks like it needs some anxiety medication...if not it might be a punk rocker stung out on drugs ; }!!
I do hope he is okay really!!

The Herald said...

I guess it looks worse than it maybe is Roy. Lets hope so!...[;o)

Hi Grace, I guess it's a bit sad and a bit commical all at the same time! I'm sure he/she will be okay in the end though...[;o)