Thursday, 12 April 2012


Hi folks, I'm back!(no pun intended!!)

I've not posted for the best part of a month due to various reasons, not least a 'back problem' that just appeared for no good reason ,which in turn aggravated an old work related shoulder injury and together they made it very painful to sit at the computer for more than a couple of minutes at a time, in fact the only comfortable place was laying flat out on the floor!!

I'm glad to say that after about ten days, of doing a good job at doing nothing, the back and shoulder slowly got  back to normal  ( or as good as they for an old wrinkly, I guess!!). the rest of the time has been taken up with catching up on all the jobs that I didn't manage to get around to whilst laying about on the floor!

So, many apologies  for not being able to leave any comments on all of your wonderful blogs, however I did manage to keep reasonably up to date with reading most of them, and as always a grand job is being done by all of you.

I did manage to get out and about on a couple of days (good back days!) and take a few 'snaps'.
So by way of easing myself back into Blogland here are a few old and new portraits.



Great Crested Grebe

Mandarin Duck (male)

Mandarin Duck (female)

Carrion Crow



grammie g said...

Hi Trevor....Glad you are back and the back is doing well....Me... I didn't miss you ; } lol... because I haven't been around either...My cataract surgery had put my computer us to a halt!!
Today I want to try to do a post??
Your photos are gorgeous...thanks for making them large and close up...; }

The Herald said...

Grace, I take it that the eye opperation was a success and it's all about making a good recovery now?

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and I'll check on how the posting went later!

Thanks for the kind comments...[;o)

Roy said...

Glad your back Trevor and glad you have a better back.
Lovely head shots.

The Herald said...

Thank you Roy...[;o)

ShySongbird said...

Glad to see you back Trevor, it's awfully difficult to avoid that word :-)

Back and neck pain can be agony and sitting at the computer definitely doesn't help.

Lovely photos. Those Mandarin Ducks really are very striking, I've never seen on in my area at all.

The Herald said...

Thanks Jan.

Very photogenic those Mandarins, even if the male does look like he's been put together by committee!!...[;o)

Bob Bushell said...

You're a poor old codger, I am terribly sorry for you anyway. You did find a time to go out and snapped off those birds, brilliant photos.

Andrew said...

Hi Trevor it's great to see you back (not meant as a pun either) your images are fantastic.. and can we expect more video clips?

Take care of yourself.

holdingmoments said...

Cracking set of portraits to come back with Trevor.
Love that Grebe.

The Herald said...

Thank you Bob...[;o)

Thanks Andrew, yeh, I'll inflict more videos on you soon!!...[;o)

Cheers Keith...[;o)

Ruby said...

Very exquisite bird pictures. Hope you are all right now Trevor. Cheers, Ruby


Nice to see your blog again trevor,yes age always come's with little problems. glad your better.What great portraits,the manderin is fantastic. I will Look foward to your videos.

The Herald said...

Thank you Ruby, Yeh, all fit and well again..for now!.lol...[;o)

Thank you Peter. Those little problems you mention seem to be gathering pace!![;o)

Noushka said...

Absolutely wonderful portraits a quite a variety of birds!
Congratulations on the sharpness and quality of your pictures!

The Herald said...

Thanks Noushka...[;o)

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I was looking over your blog came to the second picture of this outstanding Mandarin duck. Have never seen one before, breathtaking.

Take care of that back and shoulder, nothing more painful than a back issue.

The Herald said...

Hi Tammy, Yeh it's a stunning bird closely related to the North American Wood Duck. Brought to Britain from Eastern Asia by private collectors in the early 20th century, it promply escaped and now we have a breeding population of around 7000 birds. can be difficult to locate though as they are very secretive...[;o)

Thanks, my back is okay for now...fingers crossed!!