Thursday, 1 March 2012


Last Monday evening the weatherman said that Tuesday was going to have temperatures above the seasonal average and after the early cloud had thinned there would be sunny spells....NAH!!....

.....It was cold, damp and foggy where I was!!

As I hadn't been for some time I decided, on the strength of the weather forecast, to visit Ivinghoe Beacon. I left home in mild slightly overcast conditions and drove the 8.5 miles to the Beacon car park. It was a quite foggy when I arrived, and after about 20 minutes of sitting and waiting in the car the fog didn't seem to be clearing, but the weatherman did say it would clear later so I was not really concerned!
So, off I set with binoculars, DSLR (fitted with the 400mm 'birding' lens) and my video camera in the hope of some good bird you've probably guessed by now the weather man is an a..e and the fog and mist stayed all day, so no bird pictures.
However, I did manage to take quite a bit of video footage of my walk to the top of the the fog!

After all the  editing was done I had a video of about 15 minutes long, so to spare you the agony of watching the whole thing I've split it into two shorter videos.... giving you the opportunity to skip out after the first one!!  
Not only are there two videos for you to plough through but you've got to suffer listening to my voice as well...yes! it's my first attempt at 'talkies'!!  I should now apologise for the stilted commentary and the long pauses but I'm still having trouble, thinking about what to say, and then saying it, whilst still pointing the camera in the right direction!!

So, I hope you find the videos interesting and I look forward to your comments, but please don't hold back, say it as it is, in the hope that I can take heed and improve for next time....Aaargggh!! he's not going to do some more, is he? I can hear you say......Well, maybe!!

Now the P.SS.D OFF bit...This post was supposed to happen yesterday but after spending four and a half hours trying to upload the videos to YouTube only to have them 'fail' with just minutes to go I said.. 'oh dear, never mind'!!!!.. and went to bed.  At 5.30 this morning they both loaded in about twenty minutes each......I hate YouTube...[:-{{ 

The videos....


ShySongbird said...

Well I enjoyed them Trevor and I think the commentary brings them to life nicely. What a shame about the fog but it must be a lovely place to walk, especially in better weather. I bought a video a few years ago covering a walk along the Ridgeway and ending at Ivinghoe Beacon which was very enjoyable, you have reminded me that I really ought to replace it on DVD.

I can't quite see the pleasure in flying model aircrafts! But each to his own I suppose ;-)

It sounded like a real pain trying to upload the videos!! I seem to remember Keith and others saying it takes longer sometimes than others.

holdingmoments said...

Yea, enjoyed that Trevor. Especially as it's somewhere I know. A lot of Wood Pigeons there that morning. Bet the farmer was well pleased. :-)
And a commentary makes it just that bit more special, I think.

Commentary......just say it as it comes in your head, don't think about it. I finish up deleting loads through a slip of the tongue lol

I did a 10 minute video for today, but didn't upload it in the end; I went to my mums instead lol
And yea, YouTube can be a real ar*e when it comes to uploading sometimes.


WELL DONE TREVOR,AS GOOD AS ANYTHING ON SKY TV. Hope the weather improves for the next time

Bob Bushell said...

It's gone, in a flash.

The Herald said...

Thank you Jan. Yeh, it's a nice walk...even in the fog!

Those model aircraft flyers can be a bit of a pain as the planes tend to scare off the birds, but each to his own I guess!...[;o)

The Herald said...

Glad you enjoyed it Keith, thank you.

That was only part of the Wood Pigeon flock, at least as many again had flown off when a Red Kite flew over!...[;o)

The Herald said...

Forest Snapper (Peter?) Thank you for your kind comments. I think I've got some a way to go yet to be on par with the

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog, and also to the wonders of Blogland!!...[;o)

The Herald said...

Bob, not while I was there![;o)

Andrew said...

A lovely post to read.. apologies but we have had a lovely sunny day in Manchester today.. unfortunately for me only viewed from an office window..

The Herald said...

Thank you Andrew. Sorry that you couldn't get out in the sunshine...[;o)

Andrew said...

Back to watch the videos Trevor and I really enjoyed them..
It was great to hear your commentary and as Keith says it adds something to the clip.
I love doing my little videos but haven't got the bottle to speak over them.
Take care.

The Herald said...

Thanks Andrew.

I know what you mean, it took me some time to pluck up enough courage to do the 'talking bit'!! I only hope the quality improves with time!
The strangest thing is hearing your own voice when you play the videos back...[;o)