Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Location - Location - Location

Carrying on from the previous post this is the second in a series of three posts (not many words of wisdom just a selection of images that I hope you will enjoy) each one dedicated to a different location that I've had the pleasure of visiting since the beginning of the month.

I have visited Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire on a few occasions since the beginning of the month and in varying weather conditions, ranging from snow lying on the ground with the lakes almost frozen over, to a cold overcast day with a blustery wind blowing, through to a sunny day with a bright blue sky.
But, no matter what the weather, the wildlife around the lakes never fails to throw up a good photo opportunity or two.

The photos...

One of the ever present Mute Swans patrolling his patch 

 And the 'stars' that have taken up residence, sometimes in quite large numbers, over the last month....




Carrion Crow...on the lookout for apple cores, maybe?

A Male Pochard

Cormorant in breeding plumage...the white thigh patch is 'flashed' during the courtship display!

On the day when there was snow on the ground and everything was frozen solid I spotted a group of Long-Tailed Tits busily flitting through the branches of some recently felled trees and I noticed that this one was going from branch to branch drinking from the icicles that had formed on the ends.....unfortunately not a very good photograph as I was shooting into the light!!


Reed Bunting...a male, almost into his black faced breeding plumage.

 And if your quick enough there's always a chance of a flight shot...

Greylag Goose

Black Headed Gull

Grey Heron

For those of you who have yet to 'see the light!' pop over to Caldecotte Lake where you can accompany Keith as he gives you a daily tour around the lake with the help of his excellent photos and videos.


ShySongbird said...

A most enjoyable post Trevor and really beautiful photos!

Having 'seen the light' a long time ago, I am pretty sure the Crow was hoping for apple cores ;-)

How interesting to see the LTT getting water from the icicle, I suspect many of the birds had a hard time finding water that wasn't frozen when the weather was bad.

And as for Cormorants flashing their very risqué -:)

The Herald said...

Thank you Jan I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

It was a challenge trying to get a picture of the LTT, not only was I shooting into the light but the little blighters don't stay still for a

As for the 'flashing Cormorants' least said the better!!...[;o)

holdingmoments said...

Thanks for the plug Trevor. It really is a great place.

You've got some great shots there.
The Goosanders are real stars at the moment; I'll be sad when they leave.
I love that shot of the LTT. A real 'nature' shot. Excellent.

Bob Bushell said...

A good day out Trevor. I love your Goosanders, his and hers are beautiful, grand photos.

Roy said...

A very enjoyable post Trevor. You have taken a set of really superb images here. Brilliant.
Not one of a bloke being followed by a bunch of ducks though.{:))

grammie g said...

Hi Trevor..This one and your previous post have some fabulous shots...
I love the color of the head and eyes of the Pouchard ..lovely!!
I like the Commorant, but here they have a bad rap..that stinks!
i think they are the most prehistoric looking bird there is !!
The winner is the Long Tailed cute is that.. good catch!
I have seen the Chickadee's drink from frozen sap drips from the Maple tree in my front yard before..I was amazed!!
Your photo's are wonderful my friend!!

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith.
Yeh,the LTT was a bit of a 'grab shot' they don't give you much time![;o)

Thanks Bob, glad you enjoyed...[;o)

Thank you Roy, As for that guy who trails Mallards and Crows around the lake with him..well, what can I say?[;o)

Thank you Grace. Yeh, the Pochards red eye is very striking.
As for being prehistoric I reckon our Grey Heron knocks the Cormorant into second place, especially when it's flying.
I'm not entirely happy with the LTT shot, it could have been better!..if only they would sit still for a while![;o)

Ruby said...

Very beautiful photos, sharp and colorful. They are all lovely, the last picture of Grey Heron is amazing. I loved the cormorant - a lovely creation. Cheers, Ruby

The Herald said...

Ruby, thank you very much for your kind comments...[;o)