Friday, 30 December 2011


I know you've all been on tenterhooks (?) awaiting the answers for the series of picture teasers I posted just after Christmas!  To those that tried and to those that failed miserably (sorry!)  thanks for taking part, I hope you enjoyed the challenge?

But first a picture of a Male Kestrel that posed for me in the sunshine a few days ago close to Marsworth Reservoir in Hertfordshire.

And now...the answers...

#1 Blue Tit

#2 Robin

#3 Kingfisher

#4 Mallard (female)

#5 Starling

#6 Blackbird (male)

#7 Dunnock

#8 House Sparrow

#9 Marsh Tit

#10 Goldcrest

And now he's gone!


ADRIAN said...

Knew I was rubbish...Great pictures have a Great 2012.

grammie g said...

HI Trevor...Hahahaha...I lost it when I saw that last shot...that is the bomb!! Good catch ; }

As far the teasers..the Blue tit was a thought but the rest ..forget it...not my bird world : }}

It just started snowing big old flakes here, I have been bring wood into the basement from the wood pile all morning...glad I did that early...a women's work is never done ; } lol

Wishing you and your family a
!!~~~***+++Happy New Year+++***~~~!!

Bob Bushell said...

Thanks Trevor, they were beautiful. Happy New Year to you and everyone there.

holdingmoments said...

I need to brush up on my ID's a bit lol

Enjoyed both these posts Trevor.
All the best to you and the other half for the new year.

The Herald said...

Well Adrian, what can I say?

I'm sure you'll agree that we don't always have to know what we're looking at to enjoy the experience!!

All the best to the three of you for the New Year...[;o)

The Herald said...

Hi Grace, thank you.

I'm sure that had it been your 'bird world' you'd have been top scorer, no problem!

I hope it's stopped snowing there, a little bit of snow is photogenic but a lot of snow is a pain in the butt (arse sounds much better!)

Stay warm and safe and my best wishes go to you and your family for the New Year...[;o)

The Herald said...

Thanks Bob, glad you enjoyed them.

My best wishes go to you and yours for a Happy New Year...[;o)

The Herald said...

Don't we all Keith? I'm glad you enjoyed the posts.

Best wishes to you and Jim for the coming year, let's hope it's a mega one!...[;o)