Wednesday, 19 October 2011


R.I.P. DAN WHELDON 1978-2011

Tragically killed in an horrific accident whilst racing last Sunday in the Indycar World Championship race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in America.

The connections -
Dan Wheldon was born in Emberton near Olney in Buckinghamshire on 22nd. June 1978.

Although I never knew him,  I worked in the motor racing industry for the best part of 30 years until just over 18 months ago when I was made redundant. There is a huge motor racing community in the U.K. and it functions just like one big family and no matter how big or small your part is in that family you still feel the pain when someone is lost.  R.I.P DAN


ADRIAN said...

A terrible but, to all but some Americans, a predictable tragedy.
I love motor sport but things should have moved on from the idiocy of Indy racing.

Bob Bushell said...

R.I.P Dan.

The Herald said...

As you say Adrian all too predictable. 34 cars travelling at over 220mph on a 1.5 mile oval was always going to be a recipe for disaster...[;o(

Thanks Bob...[;o(