Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Weekend

Just a few pictures to brighten up the weekend which, in this neck of the world, looks like being grey, wet cold and miserable. I was woken at 4 o`clock this morning by the rain beating on the bedroom window, so much for the weekend lay in!

Enjoy the pictures.

Blue Tit

Tree Sparrow


Carion Crow

Long-tailed Tits


Reed Bunting

Mallard (female)

Wherever you are and whatever you`re doing this weekend, have a good one.


holdingmoments said...

A great selection Trevor.
Enjoyed all of them, especially the warm colours of the Mallard, on such a lousy day.

Linda said...

You can make even a crow look good. :)

Your robins look so different from ours here in the U. S. I wonder if they sound alike.

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith, For me the female Mallard, in the right light, stands out as a very pretty bird.

Thank you Linda. Most people just view the Crow as a big black and sometimes noisy bird but their colours are beautifly irridecent in the sunshine.
I've never had the chance hear your Robin sing I'm affraid but it's great to pause and listen to ours for a few minutes. In fact I went out for a meal last night and as I left the restuarant at about 9.30pm,in the dark,the rain and the cold there in a tree under a street lamp a Robin was happily singing his heart out.
Wonderful :)