Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wow! Wow! Waxwings in Woburn

Well today it finally happened, I managed to get my first ever photos of Waxwings. It was cold and sunny when I arrived in Woburn (Bedfordshire) at about 9:30a.m. On scanning the trees I spotted about ten Waxwings feeding on White Sorbus berries, they were rather skittish, as the trees are situated beside one of the busy roads leading into Woburn, and every time a big truck went by they flew away. After about an hour the flock steadily increased to about a hundred birds.
And Wow what a stunning bird they are, I was just knocked out by their beauty, especially when illuminated in the bright sunlight. I`m afraid I got rather carried away and spent the next three hours snapping away like my life depended on it, finally stopping when the light started to go. But I`ll definitely be back, for another fix, in the next couple of days.



holdingmoments said...

Wow Trevor, superb set. So glad you caught up with them at last. They really are such an excellent bird, and very co-operative at times. And a 100; that must have been quite a sight.

The Herald said...

Thanks Keith. Yeh, they were showing very well, apart from when they were spooked by the traffic (and even then, being such numbers they performed just like a flock of Starlings)

There are still plenty of berries left so I think another visit is on the cards soon.