Tuesday 27 December 2011

Post Christmas Teasers

I Trust that you all had a pleasant Christmas?

If, like me, you've consumed an excess of food and drink and are feeling too lethargic to get up and go out for some much needed after Christmas exercise, then I've got something just for you,  a little quiz!  (at least your brain will get a some exercise!!)

We all get (a few!!) images were the subject moves or we're trying to be clever and are using a far slower shutter speed than is sensible, and the outcome...blurred images!  Well instead of discarding them (all) to the recycle bin I've been cropping and enhancing some of them in Photoshop with the result that I've now got a selection of abstract images that I call 'Bird Blur'.

 So here's the quiz...can you identify the birds in the following images? some are easy but a couple may get you thinking! There's no prizes on offer but I will post the answers (for those that are still struggling!) in a few days time....Have fun!...[;o)












Bob Bushell said...

Know them all, but, I'm too stingy to tell you, lol.

holdingmoments said...

Ooooo, good post Trevor.
Gonna show meself up here, but here goes.

#1 Blue Tit
#2 No idea
#3 Kingfisher
#4 Mallard
#5 Starling
#6 Blackbird
#7 Dunnock
#8 No idea
#9 House Martin
#10 I reckon that's a trick one. Looks like the stamen from a Lily lol No idea mate.

ADRIAN said...

These are truly inspiring images. I love them all.
#1.....I don't know
#2.....is a robin
#3.....a kingfisher
#6.....a blackbird.
That's me I'm afraid.

The Herald said...

Well done Bob, I knew you'd have no problem!

I didn't know that you were so secretive though!..lol...[;o)

The Herald said...

Hi Keith,...Not bad 6/10...room for improvement though!!...lol

I can confirm, no tricks involved, they are definitely ALL birds!...[;o)

The Herald said...

Oh dear Adrian!..3/10. As my school reports used to say, 'good effort but could do better'...lol...[;o)

Roy said...

Brilliant images Trevor. My brain hurts already.(:))

ADRIAN said...

I was going to say Jay for number one.
A brilliant quiz and thanks.

theconstantwalker said...

A great idea Trevor I have loads of images just like these.
My efforts were similar to Keiths so a quick stab at No.10 Goldcrest as I have just captured my first images of them.
Take care.

The Herald said...

Thanks Roy. Sorry, I didn't mean to cause pain...lol...[;o)

Adrian, I'm sorry!...[;o(

Thank you Andrew. Yeh, you did well with those Goldcrest images, I wish I had some as sharp as yours!!...[;o)